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Lazy J. Custom Home Decor

Unique Custom Photography and Wall Art


Each of my prints are uniquely created using photographs I have captured. I will often create a print for someone a dozen times before I send it to the lab, because I want each one to be JUST. THAT. PERFECT. Prices Vary depending on the size and content of the print, framed or unframed, and cost of shipping.

Base Costs are as follows:

12x5 Simple Name Frame or Sentiment (Print Only) - $15.00 (Framed) - $25.00

8x10 Monogram , Block Letter or Custom Sentiment (Print Only)- $25.00

(Framed) - $35.00

11x14 Monogram, Block Letter or Custom Sentiment (Print Only) - $35.00

(Framed) - $45.00

16x20 Monogram, Block Letter or Custom Sentiment (Print Only) - $45.00

(Framed) - $55.00

Standard Shipping Rates Apply

5x12 Custom Name Frame

An Oblong Print Customized to the Customer's Desire, Including Names, Dates and Designs.

8x10 Monogram

Designed With My Original Letter Art

8x10 Monogram With Date

5x12 Word Frames

Family, Love, Peace, Hope, Laughter....Whatever!

8x10 Block Letter Name & Date

Several different styles apply.

5x12 Team Name!

Perfect For Birthday Presents!